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The Dataken’s unified platform is a single tool which guides you not only from Data to insights but also from insights to actions. Built from scratch on advanced Big Data Technologies, with its drag and drop interface powers users with capabilities of ingestion, data blending, validation, visualization and predictive analysis and automation on one platform.

About Us

Unified Data science platform providing out of the box industry solutions

Towards the end of 2014, five ambitious technology enthusiasts from the Telecom industry recognized that data is going to present opportunities for the next phase of ‘Automation’ in the industrial sector. They got together under the aegis of Dataken with the single-minded vision of building the Next Generation Data Analytics Platform to enable communication service providers of all shapes & sizes to explore the opportunities generated thereby and extract the value from the realm of data that is being accumulated due to their investments in Information Technology.

Network Management Services

Next Generation network management services infrastructure and network monitoring platform data centers big data analytical platform.

Communication & Media

Single platform to source network, fault, customer care data and provide actionable insights forming the basis for auto remediation.

Life Sciences

Dataken’s analytics platform assists you in prediction and discovery analysis. Helps you conduct descriptive analysis that results in a diagnostic analysis.

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Business Objective And Vision
First Step

Business Objective and Vision

Dataken’s consulting will work with key stakeholders across functions to understand their business objective. The requirements will be prioritized based on expected quick and strategic outcomes by the business.

Data Maturity Assessment
Second Step

Data Maturity

Dataken’s data science will carry out complete data assessment including architecture, data sources, data integrity and quality to come with data maturity index.

Delivery Approach And Solution Design
Third Step

Delivery Approach and Solution Design

Outcome driven phased delivery plan and rapid solution design will be prepared based on data maturity assessment and architecture.

Product Implementation
Fourth Step


The project will be delivered in co-working & collaborative agile sprints to accelerate business outcome bearing in mind the impact on other systems and functions.